Review of performance for 2022

We are supporting the development of a new environmental and sustainability programme that is helping the Canadian Department of National Defence with environmental compliance and achieving sustainability targets and metrics. This programme combines our expertise in defence systems with our climate and environment knowledge. (Above) The Galalar Silica Sands Project (GSSP) is a proposed mine in northern Queensland which, if approved, will support the manufacture of millions of solar panels and form an important part of Australia’s new economy mineral strategy. The project includes maritime infrastructure to support international export. Initially engaged for scoping and assessments, we will provide continued support in the management of the EIS submission. (Below) We are helping Essex County Council in the UK with flood alleviation measures relating to surface water flooding in three critical drainage areas identified by BMT. (Left) Outlook Given the growing regulatory, risk and reputational pressures on organisations we anticipate that the demand for climate and environment-related services will services will remain strong. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, our complementary capabilities in metocean analysis, coastal engineering and around environmental data can become increasingly valuable as customers invest in technology-enabled solutions and seek to develop robust responses to complex risk issues. These opportunities will be supported by continuing collaboration across the company, strengthened by additional business development resources, helping to facilitate greater co-operation on marketing, bids and potential projects across geographies. However, we cannot hope to take advantage of these opportunities if we do not continue to attract, develop, and retain the people who build our reputation and deliver our projects effectively. We will therefore continue to make sure BMT is an exciting and satisfying place to work where exceptional people can deliver outstanding work. 23