Review of performance for 2022

Our operating performance | Environment and Climate Solutions continued This places us in a unique position to engage with the industry on a range of climate and environment issues. We have been asked to speak at the Vancouver International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses in 2023 to highlight our work with climate restoration within ecosystems. This will be an important opportunity to demonstrate the unique projects that we have been undertaking in the climate risk and resilience market. Our Canada climate risk and resilience business has begun to submit joint bids for projects that leverage our expertise with partner organisations, establishing our capabilities within the market and fostering important partnerships in the process. A key win during the reporting period was a contract supporting the development of a new environmental and sustainability programme for Canada’s Department of National Defence. The contract involves ensuring environmental compliance as well as achieving sustainability targets and metrics. This project combines our expertise of defence systems with the climate and environment knowledge to help an existing customer achieve important outcomes. More broadly, we have also accelerated and deepened collaboration with internal teams to develop joint offerings and cross-selling opportunities. A good example in the reporting period is the collaboration from asset and environment team to support a customer with an integrated system for fish far integrity and aquaculture operations, with high value real time modelling of potential risks, such as algae blooms. We were awarded a contract by the London Borough of Waltham Forest, UK to build a surface water flood risk model covering the entire borough. (Right) The Port of Broome Tidal Energy Project is a tidal energy turbine deployment to demonstrate both the capabilities of the Altum turbine and the potential of tidal energy applications across northern Australia. The project, which is currently in concept design phase, commissions us deliver hydrodynamic modelling, site selection, environmental impact assessment, structural and mechanical design of the turbine mounting structure and retrieval mechanism, as well as fabrication support. (Above) BMT Group | A platform for growth 22