Review of performance for 2022

Our operating performance | Asset Monitoring and Sustainment continued In response to new regulation, we are carrying out the first ever QRA risk assessment in accordance with both the existing and new Singapore QRA Guidelines for a brownfield petroleum, fuel and chemical storage terminal located on Pulau Sebarok, about 5kms away from the main island of Singapore. (Right) In 2021, we joined the North East of Scotland Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme. F4OR aims to support the regional energy supply chain to fuel the growth in offshore renewables and stimulate supply chain mobility and transition during the green economic recovery. Following audits covering our business processes and sector knowledge, attending modules on offshore renewables with others in the cohort, and completing improvement plans, we are nearing our “Fit for Offshore Renewables Granted Status” assessment. Granted Status will show that we have the business acumen and knowledge to boost our chances of accessing opportunities in this growing market. (Below) We reached a major milestone with full-scale testing of our Smart Microgrid technology, a solution for clean energy integrations for remote communities. Developed in partnership with Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) and support from Canadian industry partners, we completed successful testing at the SME Grand Passage site in Nova Scotia using SME’s PLAT-I tidal energy device as the primary energy source, as well as solar and battery energy sources. (Right) BMT Group | A platform for growth 14