Defence Platform Design and Support

Independent expertise, innovative solutions BMT is a leading engineering, science and technology consultancy, employing approximately 1,300 professionals in 60 offices across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. With a defence heritage that stretches all the way from the water tanks where the ‘bouncing bomb’ was developed during WWII to the ground breaking design for the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, BMT delivers complex engineering and design capabilities for European, North American, Australian and Asian customers. As we are not directly engaged in manufacturing or construction, we are able to provide an impartial view, supported by our status as an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), free from the influence of external stakeholders. Our technical expertise, combined with our history of close association with major defence organisations in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, means we bring a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face, and can provide a wide range of solutions. As you will see in the following pages, BMT delivers defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air. More importantly, we also understand that getting a platform into service is not the only challenge for our customers and that keeping it safe for use, capable and operationally available over many years is also vital. It is here that our substantial experience extends to delivering effective, innovative and technically advanced solutions for supporting and adapting our customers’ military platforms throughout their lifetime to maximise their operational capability. BMT delivers defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air.