Review of performance for 2022

Risk Link to our Strategy Why it Matters How we manage it Strategy, Future Business & Brand Management Sustain the Core Invest in Innovation We work across several geographies and industries and are reliant on long-term relationships with several key customers and partners. We are exposed to the investment decisions by governments across those markets and the UK Defence market in particular. The renewed urgency around climate change and environmental sustainability presents opportunities and challenges to provide effective and efficient solutions. We need to maintain the trust to deliver and be competitive. Our account managers work closely with our key customers to ensure we understand their strategic goals and can provide solutions aligned with their requirements and budgets. We continually review market developments, customer investment priorities, and our competitors’ activities, and we adapt our strategies accordingly. We have invested in our Strategy team to provide in-depth market analysis to inform our business development activities. We target investments to growth opportunities, such as enhancing our digital capabilities to offer integrated environmental and asset lifecycle solutions. Programmes and Project Delivery Risks Sustain the Core Grow through Collaboration Exploit and invest in Innovation We contract and deliver to a wide range of customers across many geographies. Our reputation and performance are at risk if we do not manage our diverse project portfolio consistently and effectively. Failure to assess adequately the contractual, technical, and delivery risks at the outset, could result in financial losses, legal claims, material damage to our reputation and brand, and to potential onerous contracts. Our business and project lifecycle processes are controlled by relevant policies, procedures and management systems and reinforced by reviews. We have enhanced our commercial, technical, financial, and legal oversight of potential risks as part of our bid management process. Current organisational change activities are focused on optimising our delivery function and strengthening our technical assurance. Through establishing a Global PMO we aim to ensure more consistent project management processes across our diverse portfolio. People: Attraction & Retention, Health & Safety Sustain the Core Grow through Collaboration Exploit and Invest in Innovation We achieve success through our people, and we need to be able to recruit and retain the requisite skills to meet our customers’ needs and to drive the business forward. We also need to manage the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people and third parties. Targeted recruitment campaigns help us attract the best people, and we benchmark our performance and Employee Value Proposition against other companies. We have increased our talent acquisition capability and campaigns. We maintain a Global Careers Map to enable opportunities for development and progression. We provide several platforms for training and employee engagement. We encourage a safety-first culture, investing in our Health & Safety policies, procedures, training and risk reporting. Many of our customers require our engineers to undertake bespoke Health & Safety training programmes. We continue to promote wellbeing awareness and support mechanisms across the business. Managing Risk and Uncertainty continued BMT Group | A platform for growth 34