Shaping the future - a review of performance for 2021

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) In 2020, we reflected on our culture, our working environment and what attracts people to work for us. This resulted in our updated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – a commitment between BMT and our employees to create a positive and inclusive environment where we feel valued and at our best. Our EVP is to some degree aspirational, but we are already living it across the organisation. Some examples are: • Based on the strong performance for the reported year, the Board approved a £6.5million distribution of profits to employees. Which included, for the first time, an all-employee dividend. • A global employee assistance programme providing employees and their families with access to counselling and other services, which has been particularly important during the pandemic. • Continued investment in our practice communities – internal networks of colleagues joined together by common areas of professional and technical interests, which help bring world-class expertise to our projects and provide a fertile environment for professional development. • Our Bursary/Scholarship Fund, which aims to support leading edge skills and thought leadership through further specialisation, and investments in innovation which encourage colleagues to generate innovative ideas, solutions, and approaches. Supporting employees to be safe and succeed Everything we do is founded on the ability, expertise, and innovation of our people. We therefore focused on supporting staff during the pandemic by combining practical help with hybrid and flexible working arrangements. We also introduced new initiatives to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing through an incredibly challenging and demanding period. A lack of diversity has long been a feature of the engineering and science sectors, and this must be urgently addressed on the grounds of both societal fairness and business imperatives. After all, new problems increasingly require fresh ideas and diverse thinking. A detailed diversity and inclusion strategy was approved by the board during the reported period and is discussed in more detail by our Chief Executive, Sarah Kenny. We believe that this can have a real impact, not only in addressing inequality but also by driving innovation throughout the business. Board Over previous years we have made a number of new board appointments, working hard to ensure we have the right mix of skills and experience. We were therefore able to have ‘As we continue to focus on exciting growth opportunities and strengthen our internal processes to win and deliver those opportunities more effectively, we can look forward to further growth in the years ahead.’ an unchanged board during the reporting year focused on providing effective challenge and support to the business. This was an enormous benefit during such an extraordinary year with so much uncertainty around the pandemic. A positive outlook As outlined in more detail by Sarah, our financial performance provides evidence that the strategy that has been developed and put in place since her arrival is now delivering. As we continue to focus on exciting growth opportunities and strengthen our internal processes to win and deliver those opportunities more effectively, we can look forward to further sustainable growth in the years ahead. We also worked hard to put in place the tools, systems and processes that will help us bid for, win, and deliver work more effectively and with greater consistency and collaboration across the group. Charles Packshaw Chairman, BMT 5