Shaping the future - a review of performance for 2021

We won two notable climate risk and resilience projects in UK Defence during 2021: providing the Royal Navy’s Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy lead and undertaking an analysis of climate change flooding risks related to the Portsmouth Naval Base in Hampshire. (Above) Our metocean team has been commissioned to undertake detailed studies to inform the detailed design and construction phases of the pipeline for the Sakarya gas field development in deep waters off the western side of the Black Sea, Turkey. (Below) We are helping the University of Western Australia’s Wave Energy Research Centre to design and deploy a prototype-scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) in King George Sound, Albany, Western Australia. (Above) ‘An opportunity exists for us to help customers build environmental and climate resilience.’ Outlook An opportunity exists for us to help customers build environmental and climate resilience from its inception rather than waiting for the issues to ‘mainstream’. Our complementary capabilities in metocean analysis, coastal engineering and around environmental data are also going to become increasingly valuable as customers invest in technology-enabled solutions and develop robust responses to complex risk issues. These opportunities will be supported by continuing collaboration across the company, strengthened by additional business development resources, helping to facilitate greater co-operation on marketing, bids, and potential projects across geographies. However, we cannot hope to take advantage of these opportunities if we do not continue to attract, develop, and retain the people who build our reputation and deliver our projects effectively. We will therefore continue to make sure BMT is an exciting and satisfying place to work where exceptional people can deliver outstanding work. 23