Shaping the future - a review of performance for 2021

In Singapore, we have been building awareness of our services in climate risk, and to leverage the Singapore Exchange announcement that companies need to do more in terms of climate risk and resilience in the region. In Canada, initial engagement was achieved with key customers including the Department of National Defence and Canadian National Agencies. A business development strategy was established to assist the business line, leveraging existing customers and markets. Strategy and organisation Our involvement in the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and the Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) have been integral to developing our reputation in marine renewables. Continued investment will help us to build our project portfolio and establish ourselves in this sector. Similar strong relationships have been forged or continue with other external organisations such as the Energy Industries Council (EIC) in the UK, the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), Maritime UK and the World Ocean Council. We have recently been named as the inaugural exclusive Environment Partner for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Marina Industries Association, which places us in a unique position to engage with the industry on a range of climate and environment issues. Highlights We have been commissioned to conduct further flood modelling for Moreton Bay Regional Council, Queensland, Australia, using our powerful proprietary software, TUFLOW HPC, in response to a major revision to the national guidelines used for flood estimation, Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2019, as well as new survey data and advances in our flood modelling. (Right) We are supporting the development of a new container port in Cockburn Sound in Western Australia which aims to unlock the state’s economic growth. Our work on the Westport project will involve metocean and ship motion assessments to support early design development. (Below) 21