Shaping the future - a review of performance for 2021

Our operating performance | Asset Monitoring and Sustainment Market context As the reporting year progressed, we saw how a combination of higher energy prices, greater environmental awareness and the need to maintain ageing infrastructure created a strong market context for our products and services. Investment decisions that had been delayed earlier in the year by low oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic began to be given the go ahead, further improving market opportunities. Environmental assets are an increasingly important component of global assets and our long and successful track record of delivering environmental asset modelling and monitoring projects across the project life cycle means that we were well positioned to benefit from a number of market drivers seen during the year. These drivers include a greater focus on compliance and regulation, a growing public awareness of issues such as climate change, and companies’ increasing focus on corporate social responsibility. Performance Given the market context described above, we made strong progress with several notable wins in Canada in the form of research and development projects and core integrity engineering assessments. In the Americas, field maintenance and data services for operational systems had a slow start to the year due to quarantine restrictions but strengthened as pandemic conditions normalised during the year. The systems team successfully worked through three large LNG-related commissioning phases and also delivered upgrades to key energy customers. In Asia Pacific, our team of monitoring specialists designed and implemented monitoring programs at a variety of spatial scales. This involved using satellite imagery, drone and photographic data and images, field assessments and chemical monitoring to deliver valuable customer insight. Our strong reputation and robust processes, which are fully compliant with relevant regulatory standards, meant we were recognised by a range of customers for our exceptional work in this area. Strategy and organisation In Canada, we welcomed two new franchise players to support new and existing service lines. Following the closure of our office in Brazil, we began building and expanding our new asset monitoring and sustainment team in Houston, Texas. In Australia, we continue to support long and short-term environmental asset monitoring programmes through approaches that now include our use of Environmental DNA(e-DNA), which is DNA collected from environmental samples like soil, seawater or air, drone technology and sophisticated analyses of remote imagery. We are also collaborating across the business globally to develop and deliver analytical and data presentation material through BMT Deep, the cloud-based platform that stores, manages, integrates, post-processes and displays vast datasets using AI. Highlights Our long-standing reputation with major regulatory pipeline agencies led to a number of key project wins, further reinforcing our reputation as a centre of excellence in this area. We provide high-value independent engineering and design services to customers in the energy sector (including oil & gas and renewables), coastal infrastructure (including ports, terminals and marinas) and mining and machinery. BMT Group | Shaping our future 12